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Quarry Lakes Demonstration Garden

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Quarry Lakes ACMG Demonstration Garden


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Welcome to Quarry Lakes, the Master Gardeners Newest Demonstration Garden

Quarry Lakes in Fremont is the East Bay Regional Park’s (EBRP) latest addition to their amazing collection of large regional parks. Its 450 acres includes several ponds, a swimming beach, fishing areas, picnic areas, boating, volleyball courts, hiking trails, and a rare fruit orchard. Quarry Lakes has something for everyone. And if that isn’t enough, you can just sit and do nothing but enjoy the fabulous views of Mission Peak, the East Bay hills, the Livermore hills, and various wildlife.

The idea behind the Master Gardeners’ project is twofold:

  • To build a beautiful drought-tolerant garden with paths and signage
  • To present classes that show the public that there are viable options to thirsty lawns

To see the design layout for our project, Click Here. 

Quarry Lakes overview

The Quarry Lakes project began in 2008 with a discussion between a Master Gardener and a Park Ranger which was followed a year later with an agreement between the UC Regents and EBRP.

Once an appropriate site was selected in 2010, the Master Gardeners began the job of evaluating the soil and topography and designing an appropriate layout for several distinct gardens.  Because the soil was compacted to 98%, our first task was to improve the quality of the soil through extensive mulching of the 12,000 square-foot site and planting a Sod Buster cover crop that would mature the following Spring.   The next step was to design and install the irrigation system which took approximately 5 months to complete.  Once water was available to the site, we were able to till in compost and silt to further improve soil quality. Planting began in Spring 2012 and we have been richly rewarded with a garden to be enjoyed by the community for years to come.  See below for snapshots of our progress so far and come visit us when you see us on site. Master Gardeners are generally on site to work and answer questions on the first Saturday of the month and the third Tuesday, 9 am-12 pm.


Quarry Lakes is located at 2100 Isherwood Way Fremont, CA 94536.

The garden is open to the public anytime the QUARRY LAKES RECREATION AREA is open. With payment of the Park District’s $5.00 entry fee, there is parking available immediately adjacent to the garden. Free parking is available at the Isherwood Staging Area (about a quarter-mile level walk to the garden).

For more information about this lovely park go to www.ebparks.org and select Quarry Lakes on the right side.

After Before
Quarry Lakes December 2013 first
Quarry Lakes Irrigation Installation 3
Quarry Lakes December 2013 second
Quarry Lakes Mulching3
Quarry Lakes December 2013 third
Quarry Lakes Sheet Mulching

 Here's how we look in the first quarter of 2014:


Salvia gesneriflora 'Tequila', with hummingbird

Salvia gesneriflora 'Tequila', with hummingbird


Showy dried Bloom stalks

Grasses Section, Showy dried Bloom stalks


Pride of Madera, Jupiter's Beard, Tall Iris, Bulbina

Mediterraneans, top of slope: Pride of Madera, Jupiter's Beard, Tall Iris, Bulbina


Iris, Salvias, Heuchera 'Alum Root' with Ceanothus

Flower Section: Iris, Salvias, Heuchera 'Alum Root' with Ceanothus


View of Garden from the Oak, with Lavender, Lamb's Ears and Centaura gigantea

View of Garden from the Oak, with Lavender, Lamb's Ears and Centaura gigantea


Edge of Natives and Grasses Section

View of the Edge of Natives and Grasses Section of the Garden