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This section provides resources for learning about the control of garden pest through the use of integrated management techniques to reduce or eliminate the need for pesticides and herbicides. It also includes sources for environmentally friendly pest controls.

Sub-categories within this section:

Learning About IPM

Bay Friendly Gardening
The Bay Friendly Gardening Program operates under the auspices of StopWaste.Org. to sponsor a variety of programs promoting environmentally sound gardening practices. The program includes workshops; garden tours; and information on soil preparation, plant selection, and composting. The website contains a list of local nurseries that stock bay friendly plants and give a 10% discount with a downloadable flyer as well as a list of native plant sources throughout the Bay Area. The website also features links to sources for salvaged, recycled, and organic landscape materials and a variety of other garden resources.

Children's Gardens, A Field Guide for Teachers, Parents and Volunteers, Elizabeth Bremner and John Pusey, University of California Cooperative Extension/Common Ground Garden Program (1990)
This field manual includes step-by-step instructions for developing school gardens. Hands-on activities for beginning gardeners of all ages. Discussion and activity sections on the process (mulch, controlling insects, harvesting, food preservation); activities (weeds, mulch, controlling insects, harvesting, food preservation, flower dissection, worm culture, manure tea, homemade insect sprays, cold frames, hotbeds, greenhouses, scarecrows, gopher chasers, bean tips, sundials, other activities, and skills evaluation); resources (site development, containers, tools, amendments, seeds, biological controls, technical assistance); and bibliography (books, videos, websites).
Phone: 510-642-2431 (800-994-8849, outside of California)

IPM for Schools -- A How To Manual
This comprehensive IPM manual, compiled and published by the Bio Integral Resource Center in Berkeley, is a 19 chapter textbook of alternatives to common methods of treating pest problems as schools, including specific programs for numerous insects and rodents commonly found in and around schools, as well as IPM techniques for weeds, trees, shrubs, lawns and turf. The 250-page manual comes with an additional 52-page Directory that lists suppliers for more than 2,000 least toxic pest control products and includes a 9 12th grade curriculum on Integrated Pest Management. Order from the website listed below ($45 + $5 postage and handling).

The Rodale Institute's Kidsregen
Kidsregen.org is a website maintained by The Rodale Institute for the purpose of empowering children to make healthy choices for the environment and for themselves. The staff's goal is to make the site a safe place for children to interact with other kids, play and have fun while learning the important connections between healthy soil/environment, healthy food, and healthy people.

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IPM Supplies

Gardens Alive!
Gardens Alive! is a leading mail order company selling garden care products for the biological control of pests.

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