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Master Gardener Help Desk

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Our Help Desk is just a click away for those who prefer digital convenience.

Submit your gardening questions and any relevant images of your gardening issues using the form below. This service allows us to extend our expert advice beyond the farmer's markets, ensuring you receive the support you need to tackle your gardening challenges head-on. Whether it's identifying a mysterious pest or determining the best plant choices for your space, our Master Gardeners are ready to assist with your inquiries.

You can also email us acmg@ucanr.edu.

In your message, please tell us:

  1. Your name, phone number, and city - this is in case we need to follow up. Your location is helpful in understanding the climate and weather.
  2. Description of the problem - if applicable: name of the plant, when the problem began, history of watering, fertilizing, pruning, pesticides, etc.
  3. Photographs of the problem - if possible, this helps with diagnosis

The more information you can provide, the more accurate diagnosis we can provide. 

Help Desk diagnosis form