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Giving Tuesday 2021

Alameda County Master Gardeners volunteers at the Hayward Demonstration Garden
Join us on Tuesday, November 30 for #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving that harnesses the collective power of individuals to celebrate generosity worldwide. 

With your support, we invest in resources, education, and services in your community—to be a neighbor in times of need. And, we can’t do this without your help.

Join the #GivingTuesday movement!

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Fillaree - A Weed to Control NOW

Filaree weed debris can injure pets. But early detection and well-timed weed control steps can make gardens and landscapes safer for pets.  Like all winter annuals, it is best to remove filaree before they flower and set seed, and to prevent buried seeds from germinating.  Special steps may be needed for very large infestations. Read more...

Lake Merritt Autumn Lights 2021

Autumn Lights Festival
Alameda County Master Gardener volunteers are artists and community members.  Read more about our display at the Lake Merritt Festival of Lights 2021.

8 Water-Wise Tips You Can Start Today

Irrigation Timer in Raised Planter at City Slicker Farms in Oakland, CA
Irrigation Timer in Raised Planter at City Slicker Farms in Oakland, CA
There are 8 easy steps you can take to save landscaping water right now that will have a significant impact and don’t take much time or cost. Read more

San Francisco Bay Area Cool Weather Gardening

Leafy greens grown at City Slicker Farms in Oakland, CA
One of the benefits of our mild Bay Area Mediterranean climate is that we can successfully grow vegetables all year round. Plant in late summer or early fall to be rewarded with later harvests in time for winter and spring eating! Read more...

“Citizen Scientists” at the Lake Merritt Trials Garden

MG Sally keeping track of which bees are visiting the Native Bee Garden
MG Sally keeping track of which bees are visiting the Native Bee Garden
Whatever your reaction to the small surprises that nature has in store for us, your attentiveness to the birds and butterflies is an excellent first step to becoming a “citizen scientist.” The next step could be a visit to the Lake Merritt Trial Gardens (LMTG), a project of the Master Gardeners of Alameda County. The LMTG offers three pollinator gardens: a monarch butterfly habitat, a native bee habitat, and a new pollinator habitat. Master Gardeners who volunteer at the LMTG can help you develop your skill at observing and documenting the wildlife that visits the habitats we’ve created.

Citrus Leafminer - Sometimes the Best Treatment is not to Treat at All

Citrus leafminer damage on leaf including curling of leaves
Citrus leafminer damage on leaf including curling of leaves
One of the most common questions we get at the Help Desk concerns the Citrus Leafminer. You probably have seen it if you have a citrus tree, especially a lemon tree. The damage to the leaves is very obvious. New growth shows unusual, white squiggly lines like the doodles on paper and the leaves curl... read more

Your Food Garden in Drought Times


When facing a serious drought, we can be water-wise and successful in growing a food garden. Learn tips for water-wise success...

Growing Vegetables in a Small Space - 6 Tips You Can Use Today

Lovely small garden space - photo credit Jim Farr
Lovely small garden space - photo credit Jim Farr
Small spaces are bigger than you think. A small plot or containers on a deck or balcony can grow a remarkable amount of food. Just like bigger plots, small spaces need to provide fertile soil, good sun, and appropriate watering. Read more

The Artist’s Color Palette in the Garden

Garden view with colors
Transform a mundane yard into an oasis by using an artist’s color palette - read how...

What Happened to my Peach Tree? Peach Leaf Curl - Ugly But Easy to Manage

Peach Leaf Curl with its highly curled, reddened leaves causes great concern with gardeners. Learn straightforward steps to control the disease. Read more...

Got Shade? Grow Tomatoes


If you have a shady or foggy yard, there are tomato varieties that will grow well! Read more...

Worms, Worms, Worms

Image of earthworms

Earthworms play a major role in our gardens, read more and explore valuable links, and kid-friendly video. 

Outstanding Plants for Alameda County

Looking for plants that attract wildlife, have low water usage, and thrive on little care in Alameda County? Start here, with Outstanding Plants for Alameda County.

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The photos above illustrate the color progression from pale to intense yellow-green, from green to red in the Hydrangea, and ultimately to the smoky-r

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Your Alameda County Garden, Month-by-Month

Monthly Tips from Master Gardeners on gardening tasks you can do each month to make your garden healthy, beautiful and productive.

Meet the Beneficials: Your Garden Pest's Natural Enemies

Beneficial Insects in the Garden: Poster

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