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Looking for practical tips, tricks, and how-tos?  Look no further than our blog - topics explore all sorts of typical garden problems, questions, and solutions for the Alameda County gardener. Read the blog...

Peach Leaf Curl

damaged peach leaves from peach leaf curl
Peach Leaf Curl is extremely bad this year. The rainier-than-usual weather created the perfect conditions for this fungal disease to develop, even if the tree was sprayed during the dormant season.  Here's what you need to know now...

How to Tell What’s Digging and Eating in Your Garden

  Learn how to identify some of the creatures that may be causing havoc in your garden, and some ways to control the damage.  Read the full blog...

Advice to grow by. Just ask us!

The photos above illustrate the color progression from pale to intense yellow-green, from green to red in the Hydrangea, and ultimately to the smoky-r

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Click on the sign for the lastest updates on our newest garden!
Click on the sign for the lastest updates on our newest garden!

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