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Looking for practical tips, tricks, and how-tos?  Look no further than our blog - topics explore all sorts of typical garden problems, questions, and solutions for the Alameda County gardener. Read the blog...

Perennial Vegetables - Winter Planting!

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Some of my favorite foods are perennials.  When used to refer to food plants, perennial means that the plant lives from year to year and does not die after flowering once.   While many perennial food plants are fruit trees and bushes, there are also perennial vegetables.  

Why plant perennial veggies, and are there drawbacks?

It's Not Too Late to Plant Your Winter Garden

Fall Veggies © UCANR
Fall Veggies © UCANR
We are wonderfully fortunate in the Bay Area that we live in a Mediterranean climate where we can grow vegetables all year around. Mediterranean climates make up only ~3% of the landmass on earth, yet are among the best agricultural areas on Earth. For us, cooling temperatures don't mean we stop gardening - many vegetables and leafy greens thrive during our Fall and Winter growing season. Read more...

How to Tell What’s Digging and Eating in Your Garden

  Learn how to identify some of the creatures that may be causing havoc in your garden, and some ways to control the damage.  Read the full blog...

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Click on the sign for the lastest updates on our newest garden!
Click on the sign for the lastest updates on our newest garden!

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The photos above illustrate the color progression from pale to intense yellow-green, from green to red in the Hydrangea, and ultimately to the smoky-r

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