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Click on the sign for the lastest updates on our newest garden!
Click on the sign for the lastest updates on our newest garden!

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Your Alameda County Garden, Month-by-Month

Monthly Tips from Master Gardeners on gardening tasks you can do each month to make your garden healthy, beautiful and productive.

Advice to grow by. Just ask us!

The photos above illustrate the color progression from pale to intense yellow-green, from green to red in the Hydrangea, and ultimately to the smoky-r

  1. Click here:  ASK THE HELP DESK! (a form will pop up to walk you through the process)

  2. Email us at acmg@ucanr.edu Please tell us:

    • Your name, phone number, and city
    • Problem description - if applicable: name of the plant, when the problem began, history of watering, fertilizing, pruning, pesticides, etc.
    • Photographs of the problem, if possible.
  3. Phone us at (510) 670-5645.  If we are not in the office, please leave your name, email, phone number and your problem description.  Please speak slowly and clearly. 

  4. Get walk-in help.  Master Gardener volunteers are at 224 West Winton Avenue, Room 134, Hayward CA 94544.  Hours are generally Wednesday 10am to noon and Thursday 11am to 1pm, but please call for appointment since hours may vary occasionally due to volunteer availability.