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Quarry Lakes Demonstration Garden

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The Quarry Lakes Demonstration Garden in Fremont is situated within the East Bay Regional Park’s (EBRP) beautiful water-oriented recreation area. Its 450 acres includes several ponds, a swimming beach, fishing areas, picnic areas, boating, volleyball courts, hiking trails, and a rare fruit orchard. Quarry Lakes has something for everyone. And if that isn’t enough, you can just sit in the Demonstration Garden and do nothing but enjoy the fabulous views of Mission Peak, the East Bay hills, the Livermore hills, and various wildlife.

The idea behind the Master Gardeners’ project is twofold:

  • To build a beautiful drought-tolerant garden with paths and signage
  • To present classes that show the public that there are viable options to thirsty lawns

The garden offers 6 different design styles to inspire home gardeners looking for a more Earth-friendly garden.

Salvia gesneriflora 'Tequila', with hummingbird
The Habitat Garden focuses on plants that offer nectar and berries for wildlife and offers a succession of seasonal bloom. Many birds and bees rely on year-round sources of nectar and pollen. Native bee houses in the garden are ready for Spring Leafcutter Bees and Summer Mason Bees to lay their eggs. Several host plants for butterfly caterpillars invite Monarchs and Gulf Fritillaries.

Rosemar and bee
Stroll past the Sensory Garden and enjoy a kaleidoscope of colors and textures. Breathe in the sweet fragrance of flowers and herbs. This garden maximizes the sensory impact that a garden can offer. Rosemary is a fragrant evergreen herb native to the Mediterranean.

QL Succulents
Want a garden that is particularly well suited for climates with high temperatures and low rainfall? Then get inspired by the Succulent Garden and the spectacular architectural forms and vivid colors of these drought-resistant and low maintenance plants. Whether you need a groundcover or a specimen plant, there is a succulent for every situation and they work well in a variety of garden styles.

Sticky Monkey
The Outstanding Plants Garden features plants that grow well in Alameda County. They work well in gardens seeking to conserve water, reduce pesticide use, and attract wildlife and they do not require a lot of special care. Pictured here is one variety of the California Monkey Flower. Cultivars of this plant are available in a wide variety of colors.

Outstanding plants

Two pamphlets available on this web site highlight some other plants that do well in Alameda County. Some are single species, while others are genera of plants with species ranging from groundcovers to large shrubs.  We have recommended some species and varieties, however, there are many others that will perform well and look beautiful.  The plants listed are some specific choices with which Master Gardeners have had positive experiences.

Alameda County is fortunate to be situated in a Mediterranean climate zone similar to those countries bordering the Mediterranean Basin. A Mediterranean climate is typically cool and wet in the winter, with infrequent freezes, and warm or hot and dry in the summer, with very little summer rain. There is a large collection of plant species that are well suited to this climate, wherever it occurs. The Mediterranean Garden features many of these plants including Lion’s Tail, Lavender, Jerusalem Sage, and Dwarf Olive Trees.


The Native Plant Garden connects us to our natural heritage and a sense of place that is California. These plants work well in low maintenance gardens, are adopted to dry summers, work well in water-wise gardens, and generally do not require fertilizers. Research indicates that native plants are preferred by native pollinators and wildlife. There is a native plant for any garden site or design style.

Showy dried Bloom stalks
The Grasses Garden is full and lush during spring and summer and then puts on great displays of color and texture in fall and winter. Once established, most grasses are low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, and resistant to disease.

Come visit us when you see us on site. Master Gardeners are generally on-site to work and answer questions on the first Saturday of the month and the third Tuesday, 9 am-12 pm. We also offer seasonal talks on interesting garden topics.

Visit Quarry Lakes

Quarry Lakes is located at 2100 Isherwood Way Fremont, CA 94536.

The garden is open to the public anytime the Quarry Lakes Recreation Area is open. With the payment of the Park District’s $5.00 entry fee, there is parking available immediately adjacent to the garden. Free parking is available at the Isherwood Staging Area (about a quarter-mile level walk to the garden).

For more information about this lovely park go to www.ebparks.org