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Outstanding Plants for Alameda County - Perennials


Common Name
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Botanical Name DT   Low  Mod FS  PS Sh 

Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily)

 Alstroemeria spp

   X  X  X     

California Fuchsia

 Epilobium canum, Zauschneria spp.


Coyote Mint

Monardella villosa


Hummingbird Sage

Salvia spathacea



Lavandula spp

 X      X      

New Zealand Flax

Phormium tenax

 X  X      

Pineapple Sage

Salvia elegans


Scarlet Monkey Flower

 Mimulus cardinalis



  • [dt] - No summer water required beyond what is naturally available
  • [low] -  Some summer water - Deep soaking every 3-4 weeks.
  • [mod] - Summer water required - Deep soaking every 1-2 weeks
  • [fs]- Full sun - All day minimum 8 hours of sun
  • [ps] - Part shade - filtered light or 4-5 hours of sun
  • [sh] - Shade - less than 3 hours of sun
  • [native] - Endemic to California