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This page is intended to supplement the information provided in the Fall 2019 Succulents talks given by the Alameda County Master Gardeners.

Please see below to find:

  • Referenced books
  • Useful websites
  • Additional Resources
Helpful Websites

Go to http://greenhouse.ucdavis.edu/conservatory/Resources.html
Then look for Ernesto's Lectures and follow the link. Then you will find "HowPlantsGFrowFeb2017Small.ppsx" Extremely excellent container plant discussion. Also shows good examples of prepping for succulent gardens in Davis, CA.

www.ruthbancroftgarden.org Excellent website. Many lectures and links. Go to 'Our Plants" from top menu, then select "In the Garden" to find back issues of many plants.
Ruth Bancroft also has an excellent youtube channel.

www.debraleebaldwin.com Excellent articles. Probably the best container gardening from an artistic point of view. Another excellent youtube channel.

www.smgrowers.com San Marcos Growers has excellent info on many different plants. One of the best!

www.plantzafrica.com Info direct from South Africa!

www.agavaceae.com Comprehensive list of Agaves. Also has some good cultural advice. Watch that water pH!

www.sgplants.com Succulent Garden nursery website. Located in Castroville, CA, they hold (free!) Succulent Extravaganzas twice annually. Website also has excellent cultural tips.

http://www.llifle.com/Encyclopedia/CACTI/ Online cactus encyclopedia with great photos.

http://www.llifle.com/Encyclopedia/SUCCULENTS/ Huge online succulents encyclopedia

http://www.agaveville.org Full of experts!

Other Resources

Here is an excellent list of hardy succulents from Devil's Mountain Nursery.

A great article from Ruth Bancroft herself on getting started with succulents.

Based on information in Greg Starr's fantastic book Agaves, here is a list of the agaves most tolerant to wetter conditions:

  • Agave bovicornuta
  • Agave geminiflora
  • Agave gentryi
  • Agave horrida
  • Agave isthmensis
  • Agave mitis
  • Agave montana
  • Agave petrophila
  • Agave schidigera
  • Agave wocomahi

and a list of the agaves most tolerant to drier conditions:

  • Agave applanata
  • Agave asperrima
  • Agave colorata
  • Agave pelona
  • Agave striata
  • Agave toumeyana
  • Agave utahensis
  • Agave victoriae-reginae
  • Agave xylonacantha
  • Agave zebra

The following amendment mix was used for the succulent bed used at Quarry Lakes:

  • 1/6th locally mined "fines", ¼ inch minus screened (fine particles)
  • 1/6th locally mined "fines", ½ inch plus screened (larger particles)
  • 1/3rd horticultural pumice
  • 1/3rd compost