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School Gardens



Welcome to the Alameda County Master Gardeners School Garden website. We have created this resource guide as an informational tool to assist teachers, administrators, parents, and others who want to install, rejuvenate, or maintain a garden at their local school as an educational experience for all students and their communities.

These resources cover just about every basic aspect of how to get your garden started, how to keep it thriving, and how to use it to enhance your curriculum and excite your students. Each category includes informational resources and links to other related sources. 

NOTE: While we consider these listings reliable gardening sources and have made every effort to determine that the contact information is accurate, Alameda County Master Gardeners do not endorse or recommend any resources other than those operating under the auspices of the University of California Cooperative Extension.

The categories of information are as follows (click any category name to go directly to that section):

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