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Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program

The UC Master Gardener Program of Alameda County is Seeking New Volunteer Applicants

If you would like to be notified when the 2023-2024 class details become available, please fill out the form to register your interest.

Classes are taught by University advisers, local horticultural educators, and certified Master Gardeners on topics that range from the basics of horticulture to integrated pest management and problem diagnosis, to growing and caring for edible and landscape plants. Gardening experience is helpful but is not required. We need people with organization skills who have experience in writing, speaking, and promotion who are active participants in their communities.

UC Master Gardener Program "Advice to Grow By"

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Once trained, Master Gardeners are required to contribute 50 hours of volunteer work within the first program year.  To continue to be a Master Gardener, volunteers must commit to 25 hours in each following year and take 12 hours of continuing education classes.

With the help of a Program Coordinator, the Master Gardener Program is administered by the Master Gardeners themselves.  An elected Advisory Board helps guide the program to promote sustainable home landscapes in Alameda County.