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Ask a Master Gardener

At the heart of Alameda County, California, our team of Master Gardeners is here to help! We love guiding novice gardeners through any questions about gardening, pest management, and sustainable landscape practices. Our seasoned experts are great at looking through research-based horticulture information to offer personalized advice tailored to your gardening needs. Whether you prefer a face-to-face interaction at local farmer's markets or the convenience of reaching out to our Help Desk via email, web, or phone, we're here to assist. Our passion for plants is only matched by our eagerness to help you grow your gardening skills.


Visit us at a farmer's market

Our presence at several farmer's markets across Alameda County from early spring to early fall offers a unique opportunity for you to engage with us in person. At these tabling events, you're more than welcome to bring along any troubling plant specimens or pest problems you're facing in your garden. Our Master Gardeners are on-site, ready to dissect your dilemmas and provide on-the-spot advice. It's a perfect way for us to share our love for horticulture and for you to get direct, actionable solutions that help your garden thrive.

Find us at a farmer's market near you!


Ask our Help Desk

Our Help Desk is just a click away for those who prefer digital convenience. Accessing our online form lets you easily submit your gardening questions and any relevant images of your gardening issues. This service allows us to extend our expert advice beyond the farmer's markets, ensuring you receive the support you need to tackle your gardening challenges head-on. Whether it's identifying a mysterious pest or determining the best plant choices for your space, our Master Gardeners are ready to assist with your inquiries.