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Edible Flowers

024_Flower_Nasturtium_CupOfSun_UCMG of AlamedaCo_PJoki

Nasturtium - Cup of Sun

35-52 days • Yellow and gold • 10-12" tall

Cup of Sun grows easily and quickly so plants are soon covered with cheerful flowers. Masses of these perky blossoms shine above the foliage, providing long-lasting garden cheer, while the waterlily-shaped leaves drape gracefully to soften garden edges. Plant these sunny flowers to light up your garden beds, borders or patio containers all season.²

025_Edible Flower_Johnny_Jump Up_UCMG Alameda Co_Attribution_ÔÇ£Johnny jump-ups in the gardenÔÇØ by WxMom is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Johnny Jump Ups

65-85 days • Violet, mauve, yellow and white • 6-10" tall

Also known as Heart’s Ease, these dainty little flowers look like jaunty miniature pansies with pretty flower faces. Johnny Jump Ups are both weather tolerant and long blooming and are good container and edging plants and are lovely planted in spring bulb beds. Johnny Jump Ups blossoms are edible with a mild wintergreen flavor and make tasty garnishes and decorations. These sweet flowers self-sow readily and will enhance every garden. Photo: WxMom / CC BY-SA 2.0

026_Edible Flower_Sunflower_Brightbandolier_UCMG of Alameda Co_Photo_Courtesy Renees Garden

Sunflower - Bright Bandolier

65 days • Yellow and mahogany • 5-7' tall

This pretty mix of sunny yellow and warm burnished mahogany is a beautifully balanced palette of classic sunflower shades. The easy-to-grow plants bear magnificent big flowers that frame the summer garden with plenty to cut for perfectly contrasting bouquets of clear colors with pretty chocolate centers. After Bright Bandolier’s heat and drought tolerant flowers finish blooming, they offer nutritious seed treats for fall songbirds. Photo: Renee's Garden

027_Edible Flower_Evening Sunflower_UCMG of Alameda Co_PJoki

Sunflower - Evening Sun

8-10" • 75-95 days • Yellow and burgundy • 7' tall

This beautiful variety has medium-large blooms in shades of burgundy, rust, bronze, bright yellow, and crimson, with many being bi-colored. The 7-foot plants produce many flowers over a long season.²

028_Edible Flowers_Sunflower Lemon Queen_Attribution_ÔÇ£Lemon Queen #sunflower from #seedsaversÔÇØ by Rochelle Hartman is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Sunflower - Lemon Queen

3-5" • 70-90 days • Yellow and brown • 5-8' tall

A wonderful poly-headed variety, flowers have a light brown center surrounded by bright lemon-yellow petals. Photo: R. Hartman / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

029_Edible Flowers_Sunflower_Mammoth_UCMG of Alameda Co_PDimas

Sunflower - Mammoth

10-12" • 80-100 days • Yellow and brown • 12' tall

This giant single-stalk sunflower is a fast grower with one flower. Easy to grow, not fussy about soil conditions, and is drought tolerant. Edible, gray-striped seeds and edible, bittersweet petals make a sunny garnish on salads and appetizer plates. Attracts pollinators.¹

030_Edible Flower_Sunflower Sundancer_UCMG of Alameda Co_Photo_Courtesy Renees Garden

Sunflower - Sundancer

65 days • Orange and brown • 5-6' tall

Sundancers' sturdy, branching stalks bear multitudes of stunning golden-orange flower faces. It is an outstanding sunflower that grows quickly and blooms early. The vigorous, multi-branching. plants are quickly covered with masses of cheerful flowers whose perfectly formed, deep golden-orange petals are arranged evenly around a chocolate-colored center disc. Photo: Renee's Garden

031_Edible_Flower_sunflower-teddybear-Rach_CC BY 2.0

Sunflower - Teddybear

10-12" • 70-90 days • Yellow • 12' tall

This giant, single-stalk sunflower is a fast grower. Easy to grow, not fussy about soil conditions and is drought tolerant. Edible, gray-striped seeds and edible, bittersweet petals make a sunny garnish on salads and appetizer plates. Attracts pollinators. Photo: Rach / CC BY 2.0

Catalog photo credits: UC Master Gardeners—1P. Dimas, 2P. Joki, 3D. Laner, 4T. Loftus, 5G. Myers, 6S. Wentz, 7S. Wood, 8C. Yip, 9Unknown UC Master Gardener of Alameda County.