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Peas and beans


001_Bean_Blue Lake Pole_UCMG of Alameda Co_PDimas

Blue Lake FM-1

6-7" • 75 days • Green • 7' tall • Pole

This 7-foot tall variety produces flavorful pods that are tender, meaty, and very flavorful. A canning and freezing favorite. High yielding.¹

006_Beans_Garden Bush Bean_UCMG of Alameda Co_PJoki

Bush Bean / Provider

5-8" • 50 days • Green • Bush

Classic high-yielding bean with juicy 5 1/2” round pods. Disease-resistant Provider is more tolerant of cold weather than other beans. This garden favorite is delicious fresh and ideal for canning and freezing.²

002_Bean_FrenchFilet_UCMG of AC_PJoki

Bush Filet (French Filet)

4" • 53 days • Green • 22-26" tall • Bush

A baby French/filet bean, tolerates hot and cold temperatures better, and displays superior resistance to foliar disease.²

003_Beans_Emerite Pole Beans_UCMG of Alameda Co_PJoki


5" • 55 days • Green • 3-9' tall • Pole

An extra refined filet type, Emerite yields stringless green beans with a tender texture and delicate, floral, sweet flavor. Vigorous, bushy, climbing plants put on a beautiful show of pink flowers, followed by the beans. This crop produces early and heavily with an open habit of making harvest a snap!²

004_Bean_Pole_Purple and Rattlesnake_UCMG of Alameda Co_Photo_Courtesy Renees Garden

Rattlesnake and Purple

8" • 75-80 days • Green and purple • 10' • Pole

Dark green pods with distinctive purple streaks. Dried seeds are light buff with splashes of dark brown, resembling a rattlesnake. These are very tasty when young & tender, but can be canned, frozen, or dried on the vine. Photo: Renee's Garden

005_Bean_Red_Noodle_UCMG of Alameda Co_Attribution_ÔÇ£Red noodle beans 2ÔÇØ by Karen Christine Hibbard is licensed by CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Red Noodle

16-20" • 59 days • Burgundy • 8' tall • Pole

Beans are borne in clusters of up to four beans each. Healthy, vigorous plants. Sweet flavor. Burgundy color will fade when cooked. Photo: T. Cizauskas / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

006_Beans_Garden Bush Bean_UCMG of Alameda Co_PJoki

Romano / Limka Organic

6-9" • 75-80 days • Green • Organic • Pole

This vigorous grower produces meaty, flat pods that are sweet and delicious. The space-saving, climbing plants are robust growers and adaptable to a wide variety of growing conditions.4


052_Pea_LittleSnowpeaWhite_UCMG of Alameda Co_PJoki

Little Snowpea White

4-5" • 30 days • Green • 40" tall • Vining

6 pack. This incredibly early variety starts producing in just a few short weeks and continues for an extended season.²

053_Pea_Oregon Sugar Pod_UCMG of Alameda Co_Attribution_ÔÇ£Oregon sugar-pod peaÔÇØ by Pat Kight is licensed by CC BY-NC 2.0

Oregon Sugar Pod II

4" • 70 days • Green • 30" tall • Vining

6 pack. Easy to grow, non-climbing vine. A prolific producer of mild-flavored broad pods. Highly disease resistant. Photo: P. Kight / CC BY-NC 2.0

054_Pea_SuperSugarSnap_SarahBraun_CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Super Sugar Snap

3" • 58 days • Green • 5' tall • Vining

6 pack. If you like Sugar Snap, you’ll love Super Sugar Snap! This improved variety sets plumper pods earlier in the season, with remarkably higher yields and far better disease resistance than its predecessor. Enjoy the exceptionally heavy harvests of sweet, thick-walled, stringless pods straight out of the garden, on a fresh veggie plate, or cooked in your favorite dish. Photo: S. Braun / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Catalog photo credits: UC Master Gardeners—1P. Dimas, 2P. Joki, 3D. Laner, 4T. Loftus, 5G. Myers, 6S. Wentz, 7S. Wood, 8C. Yip, 9Unknown UC Master Gardener of Alameda County.