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Paste tomatoes

091_Tomato_Paste_Amish Paste_UCMG of Alameda Co_PDimas


8 oz. • 85 days • Red • Heirloom • Indeterminate

Produces paste-type fruit with an oblong oxheart shape. Fruit is solid with an outstandingly good, sweet flavor.¹

092_Tomato_Paste_juliet-DandelionSalad_CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


2-2.5" • 60 days • Red • Indeterminate

A larger sister variety of Santa, Juliet is one of the most disease resistant in our trials. Typically 12-18 fruits per cluster. Delicious, rich tomato flavor for salads, great salsa, and fresh pasta sauce. Good crack resistance, vine storage, and shelf life. All-America Selections winner. Photo: Dandelion Salad / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

093_Tomato_Paste_Roma Italian_1_UCMG of Alameda Co_PDimas

LaRoma III

3.5" • 80 days • Red • Hybrid • Indeterminate

Excellent for canning, tomato paste, or puree. Rectangular, pear-shaped fruit with mild flavor and meaty texture.¹

094_Tomato_Paste_SanMarzano_1_UCMG of Alameda Co_GMyers

San Marzano

4 oz. • 80 days • Red • Open pollinated • Indeterminate

Famous Italian cooking tomato filled with thick, dry flesh and few seeds. Superb flavor in slightly rectangular fruits hanging in clusters. Solid flesh is perfect for canning/freezing for rich pasta sauce all winter. (“Excellent yields that continue way into the fall.”)5

Cherry tomatoes

086_Tomato_Cherry_Black Cherry_2_Tloftus

Black Cherry

1-2 oz. • 75 days • Purple-brown • Open pollinated • Indeterminate

Vigorous plants with large vines that yield very well and produce dusky purple-brown grape-like tomatoes with a rich, complex flavor. (“My absolute favorite—the best dark cherry tomato.”)⁴

087_Tomato_Cherry_Sungold_2_UCMG of Alameda Co_SWentz.jpeg

Sun Gold

1 oz. • 65 days • Orange • Hybrid • Indeterminate

A positively luscious bite-size cherry that isn’t fully mature until it turns bright apricot-orange with an intensified taste. Tiny globes along 15” fruit trusses on a vigorous vine. Flavor is fruity and tropical. Tendency to crack means you won’t find it in the markets, so you’ll just have to grow it yourself and eat it like a snack!⁶

088_Tomato_Slicer_Sunrise Bumblebee_UCMG of Alameda Co_GMyers

Sunrise Bumble Bee

1 oz. • 70 days • Yellow and red • Indeterminate

Gorgeous combination of yellows and reds, inside and out. Excellent sweet and tangy flavor. Premium-quality cherry for snacking and salads. High vigor to perform under tough conditions.⁵

089_Tomato_Cherry_Supersweet 100_3_UCMG of Alameda Co_GMyers

Supersweet 100

.5 oz. • 65 days • Red • Hybrid • Indeterminate

This popular, reliable variety has long fruiting stems that produce 100 or more super-sweet, 1-inch diameter cherry tomatoes. Plants bear fruits throughout the season. Requires staking. Extra-high in Vitamin C.⁵

090_Tomato_Cherry_Yellow Pear_UCMG of Alameda Co_PDimas

Yellow Pear

2" • 78 days • Yellow • Indeterminate

These miniature pear-shaped tomatoes are delightfully sweet and considered by many as "garden candy."¹

Slicer tomatoes

095_Tomato_Slicer_Better Boy_UCMG of Alameda Co_PDimas

Better Boy

6-16 oz. • 72 days • Red • Hybrid • Indeterminate

Large, delicious, high-yielding fruits are borne in abundance starting midseason and continuing to frost. Good foliage protection prevents sun scald. Better Boy is highly adaptable and thrives in most climates and has very good disease resistance.¹

096_Tomato_Slicer_Big Beef_UCMG Alameda County_Attribution__Big Beef tomatoes are getting ripe_ by Mark Levisay is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Big Beef

10-12 oz. • 73 days • Red • Hybrid • Indeterminate

Nice combination of size, taste, and earliness. Large, mostly blemish-free, globe-shaped red fruit. They have full flavor—among the best—and ripen early for their size. Broad disease resistance package. Photo: M. Levisay / CC BY 2.0

097_Tomato_Slicer_Black Krim_2_UCMG of Alameda Co_PJoki

Black Krim

8 oz. • 70-90 days • Black-green • Open pollinated • Indeterminate

Originally from the Isle of Krim in the Black Sea. With sufficient sunlight and heat, this Russian beefsteak turns almost black with green shoulders. Very juicy. Considered one of the best “black” tomatoes. (“Finally! A beefsteak that grows in Richmond. Maybe not many, but with a delicious, slightly salty flavor.”)²

085_Tomato_Slicer_Brandywine Red_PDimas


16 oz. • 75-80 days • Red • Heirloom

The nation’s favorite heirloom tomato! Vigorous vines with big, globe-shaped, rosy-red, tender fruits bursting with juicy flavor. Perfect to eat right off the vine, or slice for sandwiches.¹

098_Tomato_Slicer_Celebrity_UCMG of AC_PJoki


7-8 oz. • 72 days • Red • Determinate

Popular variety with good flavor; globe-shaped, firm, red fruits ripen midseason. VFFNT resistant (Resistant to verticillium wilt, both types of fusarium wilt, nematode, tobacco mosaic).²

099_Tomato_Slicer_ChefChoice_UCMG of AC_PJoki

Chef's Choice Orange

9-12 oz. • 75 days • Orange • Hybrid • Indeterminate

An All-America Selections winner! An orange beefsteak with high resistance to tobacco mosaic virus is more productive and earlier than most orange beefsteaks. It is low in acid and has a good flavor and texture.²

100_Tomato_Slicer_Cherokee Purple_UCMG of Alameda Co._TLoftus

Cherokee Purple

12 oz. • 75-90 days • Deep Pink • Open pollinated • Indeterminate

An Ark of Taste variety. Pre-1890 variety, reputed to be an old Cherokee Indian heirloom. Uniquely colored fruit with delicious, old-time flavor. (“The taste was outstanding. It wants a sunny spot. Very pretty-looking fruit, dark pink with green shoulders.”)4

101_Tomato_Slicer_EarlyGirl_UCMG of AC_PJoki

Early Girl

4-6 oz. • 57-59 days • Red • Indeterminate

A longtime, early favorite producing heavy yields of full-flavored fruit. One of the first varieties to ripen each year. Also prized for its performance as a "dry-farmed" tomato, owing to its extreme tolerance to drought and blossom end rot. High disease resistance to Fusarium Wilt races 1, 2 and Verticillium Wilt.²

102_Tomato_Slicer_4th of July_UCMG of Alameda Co_PDimas

Fourth of July

4 oz. • 49 days • Red • Indeterminate

Our earliest tomato, you could have luscious vine-ripened fruit as early as the Fourth of July! The plants produce a plentiful harvest all season long.¹

103_Tomato_Slicer_GoldMedal_UCMG of Alameda Co_GMyers

Gold Medal

16-32 oz. • 75 days • Yellow • Heirloom • Indeterminate

The fruit have a classic heirloom look: round and lobed with big blossom ends that some think are ugly. We see the beauty and enjoy the full, sweet, low acid tomato flavor. The plants grow well in cool nighttime temperatures.5

104_Tomato_Slicer_GoldenJubilee_1_UCMG of Alameda Co_GMyers

Golden Jubilee

8-12 oz. • 72-85 days • Yellow • Heirloom • Pole

Bright and golden with firm texture, their mild, low-acid flavor makes excellent tomato juice, sauce, and salsa. Small seed cavities means fewer seeds and more solid, meaty slices perfect for sandwiches and salads. Expect high yields. 1943 All-America Selections award winner. Disease resistant.5

105_Tomato_Slicer_Green Zebra_UCMG of Alameda Co_CYip

Green Zebra

3-4 oz. • 72 days • Green • Heirloom • Indeterminate

A delicious, tangy tomato, ideal for slicing into wedges for salad. Productive over a long season.8

106_Tomato_Slicer_Momotaro_1_UCMG of Alameda Co_PJoki


6-7 oz. • 70 days • Red • Indeterminate

One of the most popular tomato varieties in Japanese markets and for good reason. Its flavor is an intricate and harmonious combination of sweet and tangy that has won several tomato tasting contests. Momotaro is durable, heat tolerant, and crack resistant with good storability.²

107_Tomato_Slicer_Mortage Lifter_UCMG of Alameda Co_PJoki.

Mortgage Lifter

16-32 oz. • 80-90 days • Red • Heirloom • Indeterminate

As its name indicates, a prolific family heirloom from 1940s Kentucky where, using the proceeds from its sale, “Radiator Charlie” Byles paid off his $6,000 home mortgage (those were the days!!) in just six years. Produces large big, red, very flavorful beefsteak tomatoes. Plants are very productive, disease-resistant and long-bearing. (“Just all around perfect tomatoes, no problems, good yield, medium-to-large fruits with that wonderful, old-fashioned tomato taste.”)²

108_Tomato_Slicer_NewGirl_UCMG of Alameda Co_GMyers

New Girl

4-6 oz. • 62 days • Red • Hybrid • Indeterminate

Even more disease resistant than Early Girl, these fruits also have a better flavor. Fast-growing, and ideally suited for cooler climates. They can be planted early, and ripe fruits hold well on the vine. High disease resistance to Fusarium Wilt races 1, 2 and Verticillium Wilt5

109_Tomato_Slicer_Pineapple_4_UCMG of Alameda Co_GMyers


16-24 oz. • 95 days • Yellow-red • Open pollinated • Indeterminate

The name itself explains how wonderful this tomato is: large fruit with excellent flavor. Sweet and fruity, somewhat pineapple-like in taste. (“Beautiful, large golden yellow tomatoes. Its internal coloring is also a bright golden yellow with red highlights—very eye-catching on its own or as an addition to mixed salads. This size makes for perfect sandwich slices. Fabulous flavor is accentuated when allowed to fully ripen—sweet, juicy, with hints of citrus. If that's not enough, it’s also a prolific producer!”)5

110_Tomato_Slicer_Pink Berkeley Tie Dye_UCMG of Alameda Co_PDimas

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye

8-12 oz. • 65-75 days • Deep Pink • Open pollinated • Indeterminate

Fruits are dark wine color with metallic green striping, and the flesh is pink with yellow streaks. One of the best of the Boar Series by Brad Gates. The flavor is outstanding—sweet and complex like the finest heirlooms. They have an engaging tanginess, almost as if lightly salted. Compact plant.¹

111_Tomato_Container Super Bush_UCMG of Alameda Co_Photo_Courtesy Renees Garden

Super Bush

8-10 oz. • 72 days • Red • 30-36" tall • Hybrid • Bush • Good for containers

These scrumptious tomatoes are specially bred for abundant yields on space-saving plants. They are perfect for growing in large pots and patio containers. A perfect way to enjoy the incomparable flavor of vine-ripe tomatoes even with limited garden space. Photo: Renee's Garden

112_Tomato_Slicer_Valencia_UCMG of Alameda Co_GMyers


8-10 oz. • 75-80 days • Orange • Heirloom • Indeterminate

Valencia is an Indiana heirloom that bears large orange fruit weighing 8-10 oz. The fruit is firm with few seeds and has a great old-time tomato flavor. The plant is vigorous and requires staking.5

Catalog photo credits: UC Master Gardeners—1P. Dimas, 2P. Joki, 3D. Laner, 4T. Loftus, 5G. Myers, 6S. Wentz, 7S. Wood, 8C. Yip, 9Unknown UC Master Gardener of Alameda County.